Friday, June 14, 2013

Two Father's Day Cakes

With Father's Day coming up this Sunday I just thought I'd share a couple of the cakes I've made in the past.

 This first one is a mint chocolate chip, trucks in the dirt cake. Its easy to make even for somebody with no cake decorating experience because neatness is not necessary!

I made the cake using a white cake mix and adding in mint extract, chocolate chips, and green food coloring. To decorate cover the cake with chocolate frosting, crushed Oreos (I used mint Oreos), and some of your kid's toy trucks. As you can see I put a couple cookie pieces in the back of some of the trucks. Simple and fun!

This crossword puzzle cake was supposed taste like Dr. Pepper, my husbands favorite drink, but it didn't quite work out. It tasted good, but not like Dr. Pepper. Maybe now that I've found Dr. Pepper syrup by the ice cream toppings at the store I'll have to experiment with this flavor again.

For decorating nothing more is needed here than a simple round tip for writing, and whatever you want for the border if you choose to have one. The secret for a good black frosting is to mix black food coloring into chocolate frosting. If you mix into white frosting you will just get gray.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for celebrating Father's Day, and that everyone has a wonderful day this Sunday spending time with loved ones, especially the Dads!

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