Tuesday, November 14, 2017

All Saints Day Costumes 2017

Though we just started doing it last year, I have absolutely loved putting together All Saints Day costumes to help our family celebrate! This year the costumes were extremely simple to put together, but came out wonderfully. It helped that we happened to already have everything we needed around the house! (To see last year's costumes, click here.)

This year Rosemary dressed up as Our Lady of Guadalupe, and Sam once again went as St. Juan Diego, his favorite. For Our Lady of Guadalupe, we just used a pink dress and black ribbon, and for the veil we actually used a dress she happened to have that was blue with gold stars! I just bobby pinned the skirt part to her hair, and tucked in the top and sleeves. Just look at this face! She was so thrilled to dress up as Mary - maybe even more excited than she was about dressing up as Glinda from The Wizard of Oz on Halloween.

For St. Juan Diego Sam rewore the costume we made last year (an oversized shirt with fake roses and a picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe hot glued to it), but we had a little fun updating it. We did a photo shoot of Rosemary in her Our Lady of Guadalupe costume, printed that picture, and then glued it to the tilma in place of the old picture. It was a big hit at the All Saints Day mass.

As for the baby, I didn't really come up with a costume for her this year. A friend said she was going as baby Jesus fleeing to Egypt since she was fussy and my husband had to take her to cry room. Works for me!
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