Thursday, July 28, 2016

Catholic Calendar Magnets (Free Printables)

I love celebrating Catholic feast days and other celebrations throughout the year with my family, but sometimes I wouldn't realize that it was a certain feast day until the day of or even after, and I would have no time to plan an activity. Well, a while back I came across some printable calendar stick ons for Lent from Catholic Icing; little pictures you cut out and glue to your calendar to mark things like Ash Wednesday and no meat on Fridays. Since we have a whiteboard calendar rather than a paper calendar, I stuck a magnet on the back of them instead of glue. The bonus for this method is that you can print them once and use the same magnets over and over again each year. You could even laminate them if you wanted. I write the date of the feast or celebration on the back of each magnet. (By the way, have you ever heard of magnet tape? It's amazing! It looks like a roll of scotch tape, but it is a roll of magnet with a sticky back. So much easier than the loose magnet rolls with paper on the back!)

I know the picture's not the best, but we don't have the best light in the spot where we hang it. For those who are curious, sausage day was when we went to my dad's house to make homemade sausage! (And yes I know the month marker magnet at the top is not on the right month.)

I got to thinking that this would be a great idea for the whole year. Using reusable calendar magnets for Catholic feast days, birthdays, and other holidays would help me to keep track of when everything was and be ready to prepare for things in advance. I started last July and created a new set of magnets each month. We are back in July again, so I now have a full year's worth of magnets for my calendar that I am now happy to share with you! If you don't have a magnetic calendar you can glue them to a paper one.

I have a separate printable page for each month of the year, as well as one for things that occur throughout the year like birthdays, and one just for Lent, Easter, and other movable feasts that are based off the date of Easter. Advent magnets are included in the page for December.  Holy days of obligation are noted in the date guide for each printable, and the calendar markers are marked with an asterisk. I have used the United States guidelines for holy days of obligation, so if you are from another country they may vary. Remember that all Sundays, including Easter, are also holy days of obligation.

Just click the link below to view and print your Catholic Calendar markers!
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