Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sidewalk Board Game Adventure!

My son and I both love board games so I thought why not make a life sized one outside where we can be the playing pieces! We can play a board game and enjoy the beautiful weather at the same time! My son was just thrilled about it and we must have played more than ten times on the first day we drew it.

For a die we used a cube shaped tissue box and wrote the numbers on the sides with a sharpie. It worked for a while, but by the end of the day it was pretty beat up and the side with the perforated part on top was coming off. If anyone has a suggestion for a more sturdy outdoor life size die please let me know!
We tossed the the one die back and forth to each other, but it would probably be more efficient if each player had their own die or spinner. That way you don't have to remember what space you are on if you have to leave the board to get the die.

Our board game was pretty simple, like one you might find in the back of a kids' magazine. Ours was summer themed with spaces like "Go Swimming! Move forward 2!" of "Get a Sunburn, Move back 2." We also had "Back to Start," "Switch Places with Another Player," and " Stuck in Traffic! Stay here until you roll a 2." Get creative as you want! I think after this one gets washed away we'll draw one that has physical tasks on the spaces like "Hop on one leg," or " Spin in a circle." If you're really ambitious and have enough space in your driveway you could even recreate your favorite board game!

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