Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Spiritual Bouquet Cards

There was a lot of excitement this past weekend with a wedding and a graduation in the mix! There is always one gift to give that is incredibly valuable and yet completely free, and that is prayer. These beautiful spiritual bouquet cards are one way to show someone special that you are praying for them.

I found the directions for these cards at http://catholicmom.com/2013/05/06/a-spiritual-bouquet-card-craft-for-may/  The great thing about them is that with all the different images, papers, and ribbons you can use each one is special and unique! Here are how mine turned out.

This first one was for the wedding and features a picture of the wedding at Cana. I chose purple paper since purple was the wedding color. I was fortunate enough to receive a big box full of scrapbooking supplies last Christmas at a chinese auction, so I had lots of cardstock to choose from!
 In the inside pockets there is a spiritual bouquet slip which I printed from catholicmom.com. This is where you would write what prayers you are going to say for that person, or in this case the couple! There is also a packet of flower seeds for them to plant in a garden or planter in their new home! I also wrote a message from me and the family on the pocket part after I took the picture.


     This one was for the graduation. I chose an image of St. Catherine of Alexandria, as she is the patron of students and young women, and the card was for a young woman going off to college!  There are several different images of this saint out there, but this particular one seemed powerful and elegant in a special way that suited the young lady's personality.    


 I figured that a young lady going off to live in a dorm wouldn't really have a use for flower seeds, so I needed to come up with some other small token to put in the other pocket. She loves to read so I thought these simple and cute bookmarks would be just the right thing. All you do to make them is hot glue a cute button to a large paper clip. I only had silver, but colored paper clips would be great for this project.  Again I wrote a message from the family on the pocket after I took the picture.

These cards turned out so nicely and have such a wonderful element of personalization that I know I will be making more of them in the future!

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