Sunday, June 23, 2013

Girly Ballet Party

The dance studio I work for hosts dance themed birthday parties, so yesterday I got another chance to bring out my girly side! Even though we danced hip hop at the party, the birthday girl requested a ballet slipper cake, and this is what I came up with. The pictures could have turned out a little better, but I was really happy with how this cake turned out, and the birthday girl loved it too.

 I made a marble cake by splitting a white cake batter in half, and adding some coco powder into one of the bowls. I then alternated batters when I poured it into the pan. After baking I froze the cake for easy frosting. I frosted with Wilton's creamy peach, and then used a toothpick to draw the picture in the frosting so I could make sure it was just right. I printed some clip art from the internet to use as a guide. I used the smallest round tip I had to do the outline in gray, which I made with Wilton's black mixed with white frosting. I then used round tips and a frosting spatula to fill in the tights and shoes with pink and white. I used a star tip to create a shell border in pink. I did something a little different for my cake board, and I really liked it. It's something that I will be doing again for sure.  I wrapped my cake board with happy birthday wrapping paper, and then covered that with waxed paper to make it food safe. With all the wrapping paper out there, the possibilities are endless!

We did another really cute craft at the party that any girl would love. We made these adorable hair accessories by simply tying on strips of colored tulle fabric to a hair tie. They looked great in the girls' hair! You can also use this technique to make a simple and fun tutu by tying larger strips of tulle to an elastic band. 

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