Sunday, January 13, 2013

Saints Matching Game

     My son just recently turned three. That made me very excited because that meant he is now old enough to play board games, and I love board games! I decided to do something extra special for him and make our own memory/matching game with the saints. I had already used the adorable saint pictures from for cupcake toppers on All Saints Day, and thought they would be perfect for this project.

printed saint images - 2 of each saint
1 foam poster board
clear contact paper
designed contact paper
band saw or box cutter

First I printed out all my images and glued them to the poster board. Then I covered that side with the clear contact paper.

Then I covered the other side with the designed contact paper. After I had already bought the contact paper I saw some foam poster board in the store that was holographic and colored on one side, so that would work well too.

The next part was tricky. I tried cutting out the squares with a box cutter but it was hard to get a clean edge. My father-in-law helped me out by using a band saw which was better, but still not quite as clean as I thought I could get it. If I decide to do something similar in the future, I may have to search the craft store for a better material.

After the squares were all cut out I put them in a container, glued the All Saints Day image on it, and labeled it with fabric paint. 

      The game turned out great and my son loves it! We try to make sure he gets Saint Juan Diego when we play. At three years old he has already declared that Juan Diego is his patron saint!

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  1. Love this...and love the Happy Saints! thanks for sharing it at the 'converted2Catholic' linkup!


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