Monday, January 14, 2013

Marshmallow Snowmen

Its mid January and here in Michigan we just got our first decent snowfall. My son and I have been waiting and hoping to run outside in our snow pants and boots to make snowmen and go sledding all winter. The snow wasn't good enough for these activities yet, but we did run around and make a few snow angels!
While the snow still eluded us we did a fun craft to make ourselves feel better with something kids love just as much as snow; marshmallows!

Marshmallows (preferably stale ones)
whole cloves
anything else you might have that you can stick into a marshmallow!

Stale marshmallows are best because fresh ones are more spongy and springy, so its a little harder to stick things in them, but if you are making these on the fly, fresh ones will work fine too!

First take three marshmallows and skewer them onto a toothpick. This is the body of your snowman.

Next use the cloves to create a face and buttons, and more toothpicks for the arms. Its that easy! If you are worried about the pointy ends of the toothpicks, simply snip them off with some scissors. You can also draw faces on the snowmen with Sharpies.

The stale marshmallows will never go bad, so you could even hot glue a loop of string to the top to create a Christmas ornament for next year!

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