Saturday, October 12, 2013

An Answered Prayer

As some of you may know from my previous post Dating Your Spouse for Free, my family and I have been going through a tough time lately. This included job loss, living with parents, and some health issues. Well, myself, my family, my friends, and even people I've never met who've stopped by the blog have been praying for things to get better, and the prayers have been answered! So thank you to all those who have been praying for my and family; it is greatly appreciated.

I have just been hired as full time 6th grade teacher at a virtual charter school! Going through school I never imagined that I would be an online teacher. Heck, I'm not even sure I knew that virtual grade school existed! I'm still learning how it all works, but my classroom is wherever my home is, and my students can live anywhere in the state. I'm excited about the idea of really getting to work one on one with students and about how involved the parents need to be. I'm also excited to see what kind of flexibility this gives me to spend time with my family. It will certainly save me gas money and there is no commute!

I have this feeling that my 3 year old's prayers had something to do with this new position. While everyone else was praying for a job, he was praying that I could stay home with him all day. I guess this job answers both of those prayers. My grandmother has told me how powerful the prayers of children are. Of course I've explained to him that I will be working and there will be times when I need to be left alone, but any breaks that I take I can spend with my family, and I'm sure there are some parts of my job I can do with him playing in the same room. I just had a conference call meeting with baby noises in the background and our group leader was very upbeat and encouraging about it! And while decorating an office may not be the same as decorating a classroom, I'm excited to get things set up. Since its my personal home office I can put up things like images of St. John Bosco and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton that I wouldn't be able to put up in a traditional public school setting.

In addition to this wonderful news, my husbands health has greatly improved. He was having some major back issues, but the doctor's treatment worked beautifully and he is back to his old self. Praise God!

So thanks to everyone's prayers our family is unstuck and off on a new adventure. I hope to able to post pictures of our first house in a few months!

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