Saturday, September 21, 2013

St. Andrew Kim and Our Lady of Namyang

*Update 9/30/13 - My dad sent me some more pictures of the life size rosary mysteries and stations of the cross. Enjoy!

I know that St. Andrew Kim's feast day was yesterday. I was hoping to cook some Korean food like bulgogi or bibimbop (they're so fun to say!), but this past week was crazy and I couldn't get it done. St. Andrew Kim was the first Korean Catholic priest, and was martyred along with many other Korean Christians during persecutions in the late 1800s. To learn more about St. Andrew Kim, click here.

Although I was not able to get my cooking done, I still have something special to share. A few years ago my dad went on a trip to Korea for the military, and he was able to visit Mirinae, which is the valley the Christians fled to during the persecution. Here he got to visit St. Andrew Kim's grave, and there is a shrine for all the martyrs. Dad also says that they had some life size depictions of the mysteries of the rosary here. These are just a few of the pictures he took, though he might send me some more later.

Grave of St. Andrew Kim
Statue of St. Andrew Kim
St. Andrew Kim chapel

Shrine Church of the Martyrs

Near entry to Shrine at Mirinae Valley
Joyful mystery - The Nativity

Joyful mystery - The Presentation

Life size stations of the cross

He also got to visit the Shrine of Our Lady of Namyang, (pronounced Nahm Young). Here they have a twenty decade rosary road; a nature trail lined with large granite spheres for rosary beads so you can pray as you walk along. My grandmother has a small version of the statue of Our Lady of Namyang in her kitchen that my dad brought back for her. It is truly a remarkable, beautiful, and inspiring place. These pictures are not my dad's, but are from the internet. St. Andrew Kim and  Our Lady of Namyang, pray for us!
The Rosary Road at Namyang

Entrance to the rosary road

Statue of Our Lady of Namyang

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