Neon Hip Hop Cake II

Neon Hip Hop Cake
Blue Ballet Cake
Marble Ballet Cake
Vanilla Banana Berry cake for Father's Day with homemade cream cheese frosting
St. Anthony's Lost and Found Fish Cupcakes with homemade cream cheese frosting
Red velvet graduation cake
Vanilla Ballet Cake

Triple French Vanilla Cake
Lemon and Vanilla cake for in-laws 25th anniversary. Its July 5th, so he told her they'd always have fireworks for their anniversary.

Cakenstein says " Happy Halloween!" - Devil's Food Cake

Vanilla Cake for my son's 1st birthday!
Cake for college fellowship Christmas party. Red and green sprinkles added to batter, used vanilla and almond extract to make it taste like sugar cookies.

Mint Chocolate Chip cake for Father's Day. Crushed mint Oreos on top.

Vanilla and blueberry cake for 4th of July

This is a yellow cake made with yogurt and pumpkin to make it a little healthier.

Crossword Father's Day cake. Tried to make it taste like Dr. Pepper, didn't work.

Yellow cake with yogurt and pumpkin again. Made for my sister's birthday visit/Mom's marriage blessing. My sister is in the Religious Sisters of Mercy of Alma!

Carrot cake with chocolate cake meatballs for my other sister's birthday.

Pumpkin spice cupcakes with homemade cream cheese frosting for All Saints Day! Images for the cupcake toppers came from

Chocolate Chocolate Chip cake for my aunts birthday.

Chocolate Raspberry cake for a friends birthday

Chocolate cake for my son who thinks he's a puppy!

Vanilla and Chocolate cake for a baby shower


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