Monday, December 16, 2013

Kumquat Christmas Drink

Over the weekend we went to my dad's to help pick out a Christmas tree and decorate the house. Of course my dad always has a nice assortment of goodies laid out for the festivities. Everything from cheese and sausage, to a variety of homemade pickled veggies. The beverage of choice for festive gatherings in my family is something we simply call "Christmas Drink."

It started when my brothers and sisters and I were little. We wanted a "fancy" drink like the grown ups had, so my dad came up with this drink by grabbing a couple random things from the grocery store. He ended up grabbing raspberry pop and kumquats.

In addition to our special drink, kumquats themselves have become a Christmas tradition in our family. We started out with just the little pints you could get at the grocery store, but then I discovered, where you  can order 10 pound boxes of kumquats to be delivered right to your door! Things really started taking off then, and we make almost everything we  can out of kumquats. In fact one of my very first posts on this blog was my dad's recipe for kumquat marmalade.

For those of you who have not been following my blog from the beginning and don't know what a kumquat is here is my explaination:

 A kumquat is a small citrus fruit. The rind is sweet and the inside is sour. After the seeds are removed it is eaten whole, skin and all.  The season for kumquats lasts from about November through March. In the United States they mostly grow in Florida.

Kumquat Christmas drink is quite simple, but lots of fun! (I mean, what kid doesn't find the mere word "kumquat" a hoot?")

Kumquat Christmas Drink

-1 glass raspberry pop (raspberry pop has been hard to find recently, so we've been using cranberry. You could fancy it up by using sparkling raspberry spumante, or make it more adult by adding some white wine or your alcohol of choice.)
-At least two kumquats, more if you like it. .

1. Fill a glass with raspberry pop
2. Roll the kumquats on a cutting board to release the oils and get the juices going.
3. Cut the kumquats in half, and drop them into the glass of pop.
4. When the pop is all gone, eat the raspberry soaked kumquats.


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