Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Real St. Patrick

We are visiting my grandparents today, so I'm not doing anything too big for St. Patrick's Day. They will be making the corned beef and cabbage, so we will have that! I just thought I'd share some good videos to help teach kids about who
St. Patrick really was. Right now I work in a public school and it can be frustrating to have to sit back and watch everybody talk about leprechauns and never once mention that St. Patrick was an actual person. Though last year I was able to teach some students about the real St. Patrick under the banner of social studies. Just because you can't promote a certain religion in public school doesn't mean that students have to be ignorant of the actual reason this holiday exists! Okay, rant over, back to the videos.

The first one is about nine minutes long and comes to us from Veggie Tales. Even though Veggie Tales are not Catholic, they did a really nice job with this little story. If you have some Veggie Tales at home, this one can be found on the DVD "Sumo of the Opera."

The second one is about two minutes long and comes to us from our friends at Holy Heroes.

For an easy craft check out this printable from Catholic Inspired!

Have a happy and holy St. Patrick's Day!

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